Pearson, Nicholas Principal 6265 Email
Fuller, Nicole Assistant Principal 6262 Email Students: J – M
Harvey, Brian Assistant Principal 6266 Email Students: A – C
Lide, Walter Assistant Principal 6259 Email Students: D – I, Dual Enrollment
Mullins, Bernice Dr. Assistant Principal 6268 Email
Whiteley, Celeste Assistant Principal 6294 Email Students: N – S
Williams, Anthony Dr. Assistant Principal 6216 Email Students: T – Z, All AVID & IB Students
Sandor, Anamaria Assistant Principal 6212/6165 Email Students: A- Z, All SPED & 504
Johnson, Curtis Athletic Director 6204 Email
Barrera, Cherryle Academy Prep 2103 Email
Burgess, John Academy Prep 4217 Email
Emrich, Cristine Academy Prep 2201 Email
Fauling, Mandy Academy Prep 2219 Email Biography and Class Info Link
TBD Academy Prep 1218
Hardelau, Natalia Academy Prep 4109 Email
Hodge, Victoria Academy Prep 2113 Email
Jamison, Amy Academy Prep 4216 Email
Jones, Kathryn Academy Prep 1114 Email
Killen, Rebekah Academy Prep 2116 Email
Lane, Lilibeth Academy Prep 2217 Email
Lindquist, Thomas Academy Prep 2215 Email
Penridge, Natalia Academy Prep 2204 Email
Quarles, Cylisa Academy Prep 4211 Email Biography and Class Info Link
Richburg, Gayle Academy Prep 4118 Email Biography and Class Info Link
Shuping, Lesa Academy Prep 4215 Email
Somheil, Marsha Academy Prep/Dept. Head 2117 Email
Speed, Katherine Academy Prep 1219 Email Biography and Class Info Link
Toth, Chris Academy Prep/Dept. Head 2202 Email
Arthur, Mark Phys. Ed 6279 Email
Barnes, Mark Head Football Coach 6255 Email
Breland, James Phys. Ed 6207 Email
Brown, Bryan Phys. Ed 4116/7404 Email
Campbell, Keshia Phys. Ed 6166 Email
Kelly, Christina Phys. Ed/Dept. Head 6244 Email
Moss, Michael Phys. Ed 4116 Email
Nelson, Gary Athletic Trainer 6201 Email
Nussbaum, Jason Athletic Trainer 6201 Email Biography and Class Info Link
Ray, Billy Phys. Ed 4116 Email Biography and Class Info Link
Howard, Will Phys. Ed 4116 Email
Caldwell, Sylvia CATE 3109 Email
Douglas, Tiffany CATE 3112/3103 Email
Hayes, Tyler CATE 3111 Email
Jackson, Brian CATE 3104 Email
Jackson, Bridget CATE 3110 Email
Norris, Joseph CATE 3102 Email
Picciotti-McClary, Krista CATE 3105 Email
Shannon, Torey CATE 3107 Email
Twitty, Randy CATE 3101 Email Biography and Class Info Link
Vandevander, Julie CATE/Dept. Head 3108 Email
Anderson, Kelly English/Dept. Head 1105 Email Biography and Class Info Link
Barnett, Luther English 1207 Email
Blankenship, Mandy English 1106 Email Biography and Class Info Link
Brown, Ann-Frances English 1109 Email
Champion, Diane English 1210 Email Biography and Class Info Link
Clarkson, Deena English 1205 Email
Conkey, Victoria English 1103 Email Biography and Class Info Link
Creech, Ruth L English 1108 Email Biography and Class Info Link
Donald, Stephanie English 1111 Email
Edge, Chris English 1203/1204 Email Biography and Class Info Link
Howard, Wallace English 1209 Email
Laney, Jenna English 1217 Email
Perritt, Katherine English 1101 Email
Riggs, Hannah English 1104 Email Biography and Class Info Link
Shipman, Sarah English 1102 Email
Smutz, Lynn ESOL Teacher 4208 Email
Wilkins, Adrian English 1215 Email
Adler, Heidi Art/Dept. Head 7146 Email
Boegner, Kristen Art 7400 Email Biography and Class Info Link
Burress, Eric Art 7401 Email Biography and Class Info Link
Cato, Troy Band 6221/7104 Email
Cote, Krystin Orchestra 6276/7105 Email
Hines, Erik Orchestra 6276/7105 Email
Lyle, Najja Band 6221/7104 Email
Melton, Kelly Drama 7107 Email Biography and Class Info Link
Montgomery, Terri Art 7402 Email
Poole, Ashlee Choir 6290/7106 Email Biography and Class Info Link
Rennick, Deana Art 4210 Email Biography and Class Info Link
Broadway, Marie Interim Director of Guidance 6190 Email
Croskey, Gwen Career Specialist 6298 Email
Gadson, Audrika Gear Up Specialist 2208 Email
Jackson, Millicent Guidance 6226 Email
Kirkland, Patricia Career Specialist 6239 Email
Lemon, Tiffany Guidance 6229 Email
Levy-Gadson, Jenifer Dr. Guidance 6230 Email
McDuffie, Cynthia Gear Up Specialist 1216 Email
Pringle, Dianna Guidance 6218 Email
Sanders, Daphne Career Specialist 6173 Email
Thomas, Linda Career Specialist 6237 Email
Williams, Elizabeth Guidance 6228 Email
Browning, Kimberly Nurse 6238 Email
Capp, Brooke Healthroom Assistant 6238 Email
Mims, Lara Nurse 6220 Email
Coleman, Kesha Library Chromebook Manager 6236 Email
Norris, Alice Library Clerk 6219 Email
Speed, Ronda School Librarian 6236 Email
TBD Library Clerk 6219
Arnemann, Carolyn Math/Dept. Head 1213 Email
Bonifacio, Mae Math 2218 Email
Burns, Regina Math 2220 Email Biography and Class Info Link
Fonjah, Eric Math 2212 Email
Fru, Gwendoline Math 2214 Email
Garrick, Janet Math 2213 Email
Ghibu, Liana Math 1220 Email
Myers, Romania Math 2203 Email
Nguvo, Casyson Math 2207 Email
Nock, Thomas Math 2210 Email
Perez, Gina Math 1221 Email
Richardson, Kashia Math 2221 Email
Tunstall, Katherine Math 2211 Email
Wood, Terrie Math 2209 Email
Diaz, Astrid Modern Lang 2109 Email
Hernandez, Fransmary Modern Lang 2111 Email
Rios, Adrian Modern Lang 2108 Email
Rodriguez, Ivan Modern Lang 2106 Email
Schoeppher, Valerie Modern Lang 2110 Email
Tablante, Yamisbel Modern Lang 2104 Email
Weschler, Katherine Modern Lang 2112 Email Biography and Class Info Link
Wright, Ramona Modern Lang/Dept. Head 2107 Email
Lucas, John Lt. Col. (USAF) AFJROTC/Dept. Head 6148/6272 Email
King, Calvin MSgt (USAF Ret) AFJROTC 6264/5108 Email
Kyles, Duane MSgt (USAF Ret) AFJROTC 6246/5109 Email Biography and Class Info Link
Austin, Kyle Science 4111 Email Biography and Class Info Link
Bailey, Theresa Science/Dept. Head 4102 Email Biography and Class Info Link
Brown-Gipson, Greta Science 4206 Email
Clements, Madeline Science 4217 Email
Floyd, William Science 4120 Email Biography and Class Info Link
Henry-Pugh, Latasha Science 4108 Email
Holmes, Amanda Science 4204 Email
Jefferson, Laura Science 4117 Email
Loudenslager, Jason Science 4119 Email Biography and Class Info Link
McQuiller, Sharon Science 4222 Email
Mitchell, Corey Science 4110 Email
Privett, James Science 4203 Email
Smith, Calvin Science 4106 Email
Parker, Paul Social Studies 3202 Email
Barrett, Stanley Social Studies 3028 Email
Butler, Robert Social Studies 3203 Email Biography and Class Info Link
Carey, John Social Studies 3204 Email Biography and Class Info Link
Hoshour, Chad Social Studies/Dept. Head 3210 Email
Howlett, Matthew Social Studies 3207 Email
Johnson, Bryson Social Studies 3213 Email
Johnston, Stephanie Social Studies 3201 Email
Jones, William Social Studies 3217 Email
Nance, Robert Social Studies 1208 Email Biography and Class Info Link
Porter, Thomas Social Studies 3216 Email
Schaffer, Jeffery Social Studies 3212 Email
Shepard, Katherine Social Studies 3214 Email
Smith, Jeremy Social Studies 3206 Email Biography and Class Info Link
West, Keith Social Studies 3215 Email
Wilt, Matthew Social Studies 3205 Email
Adams, Tabitha SRO 6263 Email
Stiles, Ben SRO 6293 Email
Barnes, Lynne Switchboard Operator 0
Coker, Lisa Registrar 6210 Email
Evans, Jo Records Clerk/Parent Portal 6209 Email
Glaze, Fran Sub Coordinator 6181 Email
Hamilton, Angelique SPED Secretary 6289 Email
Hodge, Lori Accounting/Shipping & Receiving 6227 Email
Law, Terry Administrator Assistant 6163 Email
Lewis, Georgia Attendance 6253 Email
Lonon, Tanjo Sr. Secretary/Office Manager 6265 Email
Pearson, Sonji PowerSchool Data Entry 6245 Email
Richardson, Shelly Athletic Secretary 6273 Email
TBD Guidance Secretary 6224
Witherspoon, Nicholette Attendance 6240 Email
Atkinson, Daniel Support Staff
Byrd, Jennifer Support Staff
Charles, Hazel Support Staff
DeMarte, Ann Support Staff
Gilroy, Michelle Support Staff
Holladay, Jerry Support Staff
Johnson, Genise Support Staff
June, Brittany Support Staff
Mack, Ruth Support Staff
McBride, Ron Support Staff
McGill, Mary Support Staff
Miller, Heather Support Staff
Pearson, Ike Support Staff
Porter, Latrelle Support Staff
Singleton, Jennifer Support Staff
Sisson, Debra Support Staff
Spohn, Ian Support Staff
Vaughn, Francenia Support Staff
Wells, Jason Support Staff
Wilson, Brian Support Staff
Burns, Richard Head of Maintenance 6203 Email
Goodwin, Roosevelt Building Services Manager 6260 Email
Jones, Patricia Food Service Manager 6222 Email
Italics = Department Heads