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Sumter High School Choir

The Sumter High School choral program has a long tradition of excellence and visibility in the Sumter area.  The program currently serves over 100 students in three classes with several different performing ensembles available. These ensembles include Concert Choir-2nd block, Women’s Choir-3rd block, Freshmen Choir-4th block, Chamber Choir, and Show Choir.

In this program, we accept students of all musical experiences. If a student is new to choir or reading music we have opportunities for them to become more musically inclined. If a student has prior experience and are new to Sumter High they may audition to be placed in our advanced choirs. Auditions include an appropriate song of their choice to be sung acappella, vocal exercises, and basic music theory questions. Freshman students would register for Choral Rehearsal and Choral Music. Sophmores register for Chorus 1-2, Juniors register for either Chorus 3-4 or Chorus 3-4 Honors, and Seniors either Chorus 5-6 or Chorus 5-6 Honors. Honors students must be recommended by the choral director and are placed in Concert Choir. All choir members are subject to an audition and entry into the group is at the discretion of the director.

Show Choir and Chamber Choir members are selected through auditions.  These two choirs are the most visible choirs in our community, therefore participating students are held to higher standards and more rehearsal time. Students in these choirs perform at nursing homes, store openings, and various festivals.