End of the Year Chromebook Information

All students are required to turn in their Chromebooks at the end of each school year.

Students completing the 3 year ownership program should bring their Chromebooks to the library in order to receive a Parent Consent Form (see link below), once the Parent Consent Form is returned the 3 year students will be given their Chromebooks back.  If the 3 Year Addendum Parent Consent Form was turned in during the 2017-2018 school year, students do not need to return their Chromebooks.

All Chromebooks need to be returned to the library during the week of May 13th – May 17th.

All students who have not returned their Chromebook by Monday, June 3rd will be charged the $100.00 summer usage fee, according to the Parent/Student Handbook, and their Chromebook will be deactivated.

Three Year Ownership Incentive Addendum: Parent Consent Form


Military Transfers

Military transfers have a buyout option for the Chromebook.  (This applies only to military transfers.)  See the link below for more information.

One to Global Military Family Chromebook Buyout Form