If you have an appointment to upgrade your Chromebook be sure and bring your Chromebook and power cord with you when you come.  Thank you.


Student Acceptable Use and Internet Safety Agreements should be completed in order to receive their Dell Chromebook Upgrade with a physical parent/guardian signature (not typed).   Please read the Student Acceptable Use and Internet Safety Policy before signing.  Once the agreement is signed return it to Sumter High School library or email a signed copy or photo to mariah.norris@sumterschools.net.

Student Acceptable Use and Internet Policy

Student Acceptable Use and Internet Safety Agreement

A digital signature is not acceptable.  The parent and student must sign the form.

Internet Issues:

Student’s Chromebooks do not connect to the school Wi-Fi unless they are on campus.  When a student is working from home Wi-Fi issues are directly related to the Wi-Fi service and/or the provider.  Please contact your provider if your student’s Chromebook keeps getting kicked off the Internet or the spinner icon is constantly spinning on the screen.  When troubleshooting one suggestion would be to ensure that other devices (smart TVs, tablets, etc.) are not accessing the Wi-Fi at the same time and if they are to turn them off so that only the Chromebook is using the Wi-Fi.