Updates: 9/30
This will also be a time for Seniors to pick up early items if they missed the Celebration day.  Seniors will need to place their orders online by Mon, Oct 12th to get their items on the 14th.

Wed. Oct 14th @ 2:00-3:00 Jostens On-Campus Ring order day and Senior Celebration item pickup (order by Oct 12).

Scroll to the bottom for directions to join my REMIND system. This allows you to contact me directly. SEE RED SECTION BELOW.

Grad. items purchased before 9/16 can be picked up on Wednesdays from 11-1 on 9/23, 9/30, and 10/7. Come to the main office and ask for Mrs. Whiteley.
There has been a tremendous amount of activity around our senior portrait dates. Our first one on September 9th was fully booked in only a matter of days and the same thing has happened to our September 23rd and October 7th dates. Our photography rep is working on getting more photographers for those dates which would provide more time slots but he isn’t sure we’ll be able to get them. We have scheduled a 4th date, which will actually be our 3rd date in chronological order, on September 30th.
After I get a report on who has and has not had a chance to take their portraits, we will see about a 5th date. Have no fear, we will make sure that everyone gets their pictures taken who wants them.
Don’t forget to purchase your yearbook at www.jostens.com. Currently, we are in our Fall Sales price of $65 (+ tax) which is $15 off the $80 cover price. This sale will last until October 30th. You can also contact our bookkeeper to purchase a yearbook if you would like to pay by check or make a deposit of $25 on one.
Also, we have our Senior Celebration Ads for sale until October 19th with $25 off each size. The final deadline for Senior Celebration Ads is November 30th. See the flyers below for pricing and size information. (The 2019 Ad Brochure has our current offerings, but we are able to create the ads from the 2018-2019 Ad Order form-If you want one of these ads, you’ll have to send me a email letting me know) You can also order, pay for, and create your own Senior Celebration Ad at www.jostensadservice.co
Video information from senior class meeting:
 Click this link:  https//www.rhodesgraduation.com/seniors/
Jostens is our official graduation partner.  You can obtain a packet of information from the SHS main office regarding ordering Official Graduation Packages.  All contents of the packet are also on their website at www.RhodesGraduation.com/seniors
 Please follow the steps below to order before the deadline of SEPTEMBER 14, 2020.
 1. Watch Grad Video at www.RhodesGraduation.com/seniors on September 8th.
2. Attend virtual class meeting with Jostens on September 9th at 2:00 p.m. Link will be provided soon.
3. Order online with a $60 deposit before the deadline above
4. If needed, attend the Q&A Webinar on Thursday the 10th at 6 pm
(register at www.RhodesGraduation.com/seniors)
5. Attend the drive through Senior Celebration Day on SEPTEMBER 16th from 11-1 at SHS. 
 **Sign up for Updates and Special Offers at www.RhodesGraduation.com/seniors **

Please watch the informational videos below regarding Seniors and Rings.


  COMMUNICATION:  It is very important that all seniors check this website and their school email frequently. I am providing a remind app code to allow you access to my cell phone in order to text any questions you may have. I also will send out alerts when new information has been posted on this website. Please be prepared to read the information on the website. This new virtual reality limits my ability to personally communicate with the seniors, so I need for everyone to join their appropriate section so we can stay connected. MAKE SURE YOU JOIN THE APPROPRIATE SECTION. EACH SECTION HAS A LIMIT.


Seniors  A-F    text:  @hakbke  to phone #  81010

Seniors F- M  Text:  @hcfg6b     to     81010

Seniors  N–S  Text:   @seniorsns   to  81010
Seniors  T-Z     Text:  @98hf4h      to  81010
Senior Parents:  Text: @g2a468     to  81010

Yearbook Info: New Info as of 9/10. Click link below. 

Sumter HS 20-21

If you have questions or concerns about senior responsibilities please email me at celeste.whiteley@sumterschools.net or contact me directly through REMIND.