I have been teaching high school English since 1998 when I began my career at Lakewood High after graduating with a bachelor of arts degree in English from Charleston Southern University. I taught English, Drama, and Public Speaking at Lakewood. I also coached girls' soccer, wrestling, and B-team football. I left in 2005 to teach in my hometown of Turbeville at my alma mater, East Clarendon High, "Home of the Wolverines," from 2005 until 2008. In 2008, I received my master's degree in Secondary Administration. In 2008, I continued my career in Sumter at Crestwood High. While a Knight, I began advising for the yearbook and did so for five years. In 2014-15, I was selected as Crestwood's Campus Teacher of the Year. In 2018, I decided to make it a "hat trick" by moving over to Sumter High to become a Gamecock and one of the only teacher's to have ever worked at all three high schools in the district. I moved here because my children will eventually attend Sumter High and the former yearbook adviser was ready to hand over the reigns to someone else, so it seemed like the right time to move. Schedule for Spring 2019 1st Block: English 2 Honors 2nd Block: English 2 Honors 3rd Block: Journalism/Yearbook/Newspaper 4th Block: Planning


Classes Taught