Greetings All! My name is Coach Loudenslager and I teach science at Sumter High School and I love all athletics and have been a varsity head coach for basketball and tennis. I have a wonderful 9 year old son(Jaylen) that gets the majority of my time away from school. I have Bachelor's Degrees in Biology and Spanish from Ferris State University(Michigan) and a Master's Degree in Administration from Concordia University (California). We will be utilizing Google Classroom for our live virtual instruction this year in addition to the typical Google Classroom tools our district has already been utilizing the last few years. Please find your appropriate class(By block) that you have me for on this website and click on the link to your block and you will find our google classroom code that will get you logged into the appropriate class. Please keep up with this site, our district will be much stricter this year in regards to both teacher and student responsibilities for our virtual lessons. I look forward to working with you this year!


Classes Taught